LCC list

So after the fact adding it all up, this is what I have been taking down in times recent(pre and post ankle):

Mini Maische, v8 flash
Bar Fly, v8
Super Fly, v8
Bear Hug, v8
Shingles, v9
Amateur Series, v10
Copperhead, v10
Overhang Sit, v10
Pro Series, v11
Bully, v11
Maische Roof, v11
Standard Series, v12

I have more goals that I want to complete this trip, but having that ankle injury and still trying to get all of it done is letting me be content with my results...The other night I was chilling with Tye and Zak. We noticed that their apartments had a shit ton of phone books sitting out...there had always been the rumor that a phone book could be torn in half...well now you know.

...DON'T ASK...


Jenny said...

what happened to your ankle? funny the phone books......

Dominik Feischl said...

hello future!

a friend of mine, the world-cup-climber J├╝rgen Reis, from austria wanted to contact you. do you have any email-adress, where he can write you. or maybe you can reach him for further contact: his mail is info@juergenreis.at

Thank you and many greetings from austria,